Bulletin # 31
General Announcements
04 May 2024 @ 17:25

In accordance with Article 3.2.12 of the Championship Regulations, the minimum mandatory pit stop time under safety car conditions will be 6 minutes, timed from the PIT IN to PIT OUT timing lines.

Article 3.2.12

While the race is running under safety car conditions, subject to the pit window being open competing cars may stop in their pits to carry out mandatory pit stops. However, any car that enters the pit lane and crosses the PIT IN timing line during the pit window after the safety car boards, flags and/or lights have been deployed must comply with an extended minimum pit stop duration, this duration to be published by event bulletin or event final instructions. Upon conclusion of a safety car period, this extended minimum pit stop regulation will remain in force for all cars until they have crossed the start/control line at least once under racing conditions.

This regulation will not be applicable to cars that entered the pit lane and crossed the PIT IN timing line before the safety car boards, flags, and/or lights were deployed.

May 4/5 – Croft