Nankang Tyre BRSCC CityCar Cup (Replacement Round for Snetterton)

Bulletin # 77
General Announcements
21 August 2022 @ 14:23

The Final Race of the weekend for CityCar Cup is a replacement for the cancelled race at Snetterton. It is only for those who were entered at Snetterton.

Please see below the list of Drivers this weekend – those mark with * cannot take part.

Formation of the grid shall be the Results of Race 2 (close the gaps), with a top 10 grid draw – Lyndsay Close will do the draw.

Cadwell Park
Elliot Lettis
George Palozzi
Dominic Fletcher
Andrew Dyer
Dan Sellick
Andrew Payne
Stuart Bliss
Bob Bannister
Craig Flynn *
Richard Jepp
Stephen Turner *
John Nicholson
Andy Burgess
Gary Cobourn
Adam Reynolds *
Patrick Booth
Bradley Porter
Richard Bliss
Charles Mackenzie
Christopher Mackenzie
John Booth
Daniel Lockett
Brandon Savage
Liam Browning
Leon Wilde
Richard Bastow *
Adam Reeves
Joe Miller *
Richard Snuggs
Ben Creanor
Ben Shaw *

Peter Ritchie (155155)
Senior Clerk of Course

August 20/21 – Cadwell Park