Modified Ford Series – Start Procedure

Bulletin # 7
General Announcements

The start will be via a rolling start.

The minimum countdown procedures/audible warning sequence shall be:

I. 1 minute to start of Pace lap – Visible and audible warnings for the start of Pace lap

II. 30 Seconds – Visible and audible warnings for the start of Pace lap.

III. A green flag will be shown, and the Pace Car will depart from its position ahead of the front two cars on the grid signifying the start of the Pace Lap(s). All drivers must follow the Pace Car whilst maintaining their two by two grid formation positions and their distance from the car in front. No excessive weaving or brake testing is permitted on Pace Lap(s).

IV. Towards the end of the Pace Lap(s), the Pace Car will extinguish its lights and then exit the circuit and the red lights will be switched on at the start line. All drivers must maintain the same Pace Lap speed and must maintain their two by two positions and distance from the car in front. If one or more cars have been removed from the starting grid, these gaps must not be closed up.

V. As the leading two cars approach the start line, the red start lights will be extinguished signifying the race start. For the avoidance of any doubt, all cars must maintain Pace Lap speed until the start lights are extinguished. Only once the red lights have been extinguished is acceleration and overtaking permitted. As long as the red start lights have been extinguished, it is permitted to overtake before the start line.

May 28/29 – Donington Park GP – British GT