Judges of Fact – Sunday 10th April

BULLETIN # 78 General Announcements
April 9/10 - Brands Hatch 10 April 2022 @ 11:23

Judges of Fact for Sunday 10th are listed below:

Tony Smith – Track Limits
Andy Holley – Clerk of the Course
Paul Levitt – Clerk of the Course
Darren Holmes – Clerk of the Course
Colin Oakley – Clerk of the Course
Steph Beeken
Alasdair Heads
Chris Barningham
Liam Johnston
Les Thomas
Pier Cimitan
Sean Cooper
Mark Manley
Micky Cimitan
Matthew Udall
Anthony Wallman
Anthony Heard
John Wells
Darryl Burgess
Chris Harrison
Daisy Lait
Dave Eley
Victoria Heath
Richard Spittles
Peter Thompson
Stephanie Alexander
Chris Humphreys
Tony Almond
Paul Donaghy

April 9/10 – Brands Hatch