F/F grid format for race 9 and 15

Bulletin # 55
General Announcements
10 July 2021 @ 22:22

Avon Tyres National and Northern Formula Fords

The grids for race 2 and 3 (race 9 and 15 of the event) will be a 2×2 format rather than the 1×1 format of race 1.
The championship regulations require that the grid format is as per the grid sheets, and thus 1×1. However, as the cars had been released from the assembly area, I was made aware that the markings on the grid did not cater for a 1×1 format. Given the timescales involved I asked that the grid remain as 1×1 with the grid marshals instructing the drivers accordingly. This led to much confusion.
After the race I was also made aware of two further issues:
1) That single seaters had run at Anglesey on a 2×2 format in the past, and
2) That the repeater lights for the rearmost part of the grid did not operate.
The track licence allows for either 1×1 or 2×2, as per the regulations, and whilst the championship regulations state as per the grid sheets, the finals and SRs are silent.

Andy Stevens
Clerk of Course

July 10/11 – Anglesey