Electronic Marshalling System – Light Panel

Bulletin # 5
General Announcements
23 September 2022 @ 21:10

Electronic Marshalling System

In line with NCR Q.12.24.3 many venues are making use of Light Panels to replace or supplement the traditional flag signals.

These Panels will display all of the usual flag signals; yellow, double yellow, blue, white, green, yellow/red stripes and red flag signals along with Safety Car, Code 60 and other such signals to Competitors.

Where Panels solely are used for signalling the white and yellow/red striped flag will also be shown to supplement the Panel.

Marshals Trackside will operate the Panels to display yellow, double yellow. blue, white, green and yellow/red striped signals. The signals for the Red Flag, Code 60 and the Safety Car will originate in Race Control and will be sent directly to the Light Panels and where applicable to vehicles simultaneously.

Race Control may also initiate a Light Panel with prior notification to the marshals of which Posts they will be operating.

Breaches of signals given by Light Panels will be treated in the same way as breaches of flag signals and hence dealt with in accordance with the NCR’s, notably C.1.1.6., G.5.3.2., Q.12.24.3. and Q.12.24.5. The marshals’ posts begin and end the relevant sectors.

Light Panel Failure

In the event of a Light Panel failure the Organisers may revert to the use of flag signals and Competitors must be prepared to react accordingly.

In the event that the Organiser reverts to the use of flag signals the NCR will take regulatory priority.

Where this happens in between sessions all Competitors will be informed.

September 24/25 – Donington Park GP