Clarification of RoR Sporting & Technical Regulation 16.2

BULLETIN # 4 General Announcements
November 12/13/14 - Race of Remembrance 12 November 2021 @ 13:41

In consultation with the Clerk of the Course, Panel of Stewards, and Organising Committee, the following clarification reference RoR Regulation 16.2 is issued;

Day and Night qualifying are both open sessions, as per the issued timetable. Refuelling may take place throughout these sessions, provided full compliance with Motorsport UK Regulations Q.12.25 and RoR regulation 16.5

Reason: 16.2 of the RoR Regulations is reference to split qualifying sessions, which is not applicable at the 2021 event.

Ray Sumner
Senior Clerk of the Course

November 12/13/14 – Race of Remembrance