C1 Racing Series – Safety Car Pit Stop Time

Bulletin # 8
General Announcements
17 September 2022 @ 8:48


In accordance with Article 2.8.4 of the series regulations, the minimum mandatory pit stop time under safety car conditions will be 6 minutes, timed from the PIT IN to PIT OUT timing lines.

Article 2.8.4
While the safety car is in operation competing cars may stop in their pits. However, for races of six hours duration or less, any pit stop made under safety car conditions (i.e. where a car crosses the pit entry line when Safety Car boards and flags are shown) will be subject to a minimum mandatory pit stop time. The minimum pit stop time will be published by event bulletin or supplementary regulations. The pit stop time will be counted from the PIT IN to PIT OUT timing lines. This regulation will not apply to cars already in the pit lane at the start of a safety car period. Any car failing to comply will be subject to a stop/go penalty for a time period decided by the Clerk of the Course.

September 17/18 – Croft