Caterham Information

BULLETIN # 8 General Announcements
May 8/9 - Donington Park 07 May 2021 @ 17:25

Caterham – all championships
Refer to Final Instructions clause 23.8

For all Caterham sessions TWO people will be permitted to work on any car in the pit lane or assembly area.

Race 11 – Caterham 310R and Seven UK Championship
The entrance to the assembly area will open at 14:10 and will close 15 minutes later. All cars that are starting Race 11 will be required to proceed onto the grid. Any cars not on the grid during this window will be a pitlane starter. Support personnel will be permitted onto the grid, no more than two per car at any one time.

All times will be confirmed by a bulletin issued prior to lunchbreak on Sunday morning.

May 8/9 – Donington Park