BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship (Replacement Round for Oulton Park)

Bulletin # 71
General Announcements
21 August 2022 @ 13:24

The Final Race of the Weekend for Fiesta Juniors is a replacement for the cancelled race at Oulton Park. It is only for those who were entered at Oulton.

Please see below the list of Drivers this weekend – it appears all were entered for Oulton and therefore all are permitted to partake.

Formation of the grid shall be the second fastest qualifying time at Cadwell. “We shall utilise the single Qualifying session at Cadwell Park to determine the grid for the replacement round, which will be the third FJC race, and it shall be the second fastest qualifying times that set the grid for that respective race (as was the case for the cancelled second race at Oulton Park). “

Cadwell Park
George Foxlow
Sid Smith
Harry England
James Pope
Lexie Belk
Archie Handy
Daniel Lewis
Ben Mulryan
Thomas Jack Lee
Albert Webster
Luke Hilton
Lucas Hayden
Jasmine Shaw

Peter Ritchie (155155)
Senior Clerk of Course

August 20/21 – Cadwell Park