BRSCC Fiesta Championship – Race 20 – Results Declared

Bulletin # 98
06 October 2021 @ 11:02

Following a lengthy review and having taken guidance from Motorsport UK, the BRSCC as the Organiser must declare that the results from Race 20 (Round 10 of the BRSCC Fiesta Championship) do in fact stand and represent a valid classification of the race. Respectively Event Bulletin 97 regarding the results is withdrawn.

This follows the application of Motorsport UK General Regulations Q.12.15.2 and Q.12.16.

Q.12.15.2. Any race stopped after the leader has completed more than two laps but less than 75% of its duration will be considered as the first part of the race. Cars will be restarted from a grid set out in the finishing order of this first part, which shall be based upon the order of crossing the finish line at one lap less than the number of laps completed by the leader at the time of first showing the Red Flag. Only cars which are proceeding under their own power, in accordance with 12.24.3(j) at the showing of the Red Flag will be classified in this first part (12.16 also applies).

Q.12.16. […] The Clerk of the Course may order that the duration of the second part or re-run of any race shall be of a shorter distance than originally scheduled, or may be abandoned altogether.

The leader of the race completed 3 laps, and therefore the race is considered a contest. The definition of a non-contest is found in Q.12.15.1.

Subsequently the results attached to this bulletin are declared the results for Round 10 of the BRSCC Fiesta Championship. Pursuant to Championship Regulation 1.6.4, this will count as a full points scoring round.

Competitors are reminded of their rights to appeal (C.6)

Luke Souch
BRSCC Competitions Coordinator

August 28/29 – Cadwell Park